Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kid Photos

Our fav photographer, Dawn T took pics of the kids at the park on a hot Saturday morning.  Here is a sampling.  She had great subjects and did an amazing job. She will blow up and frame her favorites and we will hang them up for our new friends.

Ben and Daniel's Room - Before and After

Ben and Daniel's Room - Before


Hannah's Room - Before and After

Hannah's Room Before

Hannah's Room - After

Mix of the beautiful antique dresser with the new and pink...

Painting by big brother, John on the wall.....

John's Room Before and After

John's Room Before

John's Room After
We kept the antique dresser and headboard, and added some storage and a small desk to do homework or draw.  John wanted black, so we added that in the bedding and accents.

John's magnet wall....